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Why can't Tibetan's get visas to go to Tibet

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Why can't Tibetan's get visas to go to Tibet
asked Aug 13, 2013 in Visa & Embassy by pance (50,970 points)

1 Answer

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Yes that is correct because that is how Chinese gov't treats us.
We can't go into our own homeland because we are Tibetan.

Even if you are foreigner, they won't let you in if your goal is to document how TRULY Tibetans are living under Chinese Occupation.

Please if possible visit my homeland Tibet.

Right now my homeland is Closed off by Chinese. I hear the China will open in Mid April...? but not sure.
Chinese gov't has closed and put my homeland Tibet under military Lockdown, so they can use any kind of brutal method to suppress us Tibetans for speaking up against Chinese brutal occupation of Tibet. May be Chinese will open Tibet to the world but only when they have Jailed, torture, kill all the Tibetans who speak up.
You might be able to get Visa to go into Tibet. If you do, please document what you saw and share with the world. But be careful, do not sacrifice your safety.
Please if possible document How my people are living because many Chinese here misrepresent facts and the truth is that we are suffering greatly under Chinese occupation of our Country. You can tell all the "Big Fancy Buildings", "office workers" they are all Chinese, What ever Beijing says it puts into Tibet is to help Chinese to settle in Tibet completely to forcefully assimilate Tibetan IDENTITY.

If you can't go into TAR Tibet "Autonomous" region, then please go into Amdo & Kham. Tibet has 3 big province, UTSANG, KHAM, & AMDO.
AMDO has been completely annexed into Chinese Province. They Chinese gov't renamed it "Qinghai", also Most of KHAM has also been annexed into "Sichuan". So you can see lots of Tibetan presence in those two region because they are Tibetan region.

My parents where able to go to China just fine but there They had to request to go into their own homeland Tibet, it got Rejected. The travel agent said "i don't know why but they are not giving you permit..." But later they were able to go into Tibet ( i can't say here how they managed it... )

hopefully The Chinese will open my homeland soon. So the world can see how we are living under Chinese occupation.
answered Aug 13, 2013 by ccee (307,900 points)
selected Aug 13, 2013 by pance