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What is Mount Everests elevation from its base to its summit ?

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I know Mount Everest is 8850m (29000ft) high from sea level to its top. What I want to know is. What is the height of Mount Everest from its base (foothills) to its top, from where you start climbing untill you get to the summit. Only legit scientific answers please, no people trying to be funny or sarcastic. If there are any clever geologists on here please answer this question. As many answers as possible please, I have to know this for an assignment.
asked Aug 16, 2013 in Weather by pance (50,970 points)

1 Answer

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Dont know what you mean by foothills. Kathmandu is at about 4264ft, Tingri is about 14200 ft. (from sea sevel)
When you start climbing, usually first Base Camp is established at about 17000 ft (above sea level), ABC (Advanced Base Camp is usually about 21300 ft above sea level. The C3 (highest camp before Summit push) is about 27230 ft above sea level
answered Aug 16, 2013 by ccee (307,900 points)
selected Aug 16, 2013 by pance

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