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Approximately how long does it take to apply for and receive a visa for Tibet?

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I would like to travel with my 14 y/o daughter to Lhasa to volunteer in an orphanage which is run by a tibetan Dr. here in the U.S. She is traveling back to Lhasa in August and has invited us to come at that time to volunteer. I noticed in the posts that individual citizens are not allowed to travel into to Tibet and that we should travel with a group through a travel agency. Can we travel with a group into the country and then stay in Lhasa to work in the orphanage? 
Approximately how long does it take to apply for and receive a visa for Tibet? 
asked Jul 22, 2013 in Visa & Embassy by pance (50,970 points)

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How long are you going to volunteer in Lhasa? China tourist visa is short with duration of 30 days generally. If yes, you can apply for a tourist visa. But be aware that you need to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit as well.
answered Jul 22, 2013 by ccee (307,900 points)
selected Jul 22, 2013 by pance